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Govt. calls companies to target international markets

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The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has called value chain companies to produce more for international markets so as to generate more forex for the country.

Joseph Mwanamveka and goverment officials touring the factory Joseph Mwanamveka and goverment officials touring the factory

Principal Secretary in the Ministry Cliff Chiunda made the remarks on Monday after touring Dwangwa Sugar Corporation, Ethanol Company Limited (EthCo) and Carbon Dioxide and Allied Products Company in Dwangwa.

The tour was led by the responsible Minister, Joseph Mwanamveka.

Chiunda said the Ministry also is finalizing the Sugar Bill which will help to regulate sugar market.

“Government is committed to seeing companies forge ahead in value addition to the agro-products. They should be producing for export for the betterment of the country,” said Chiunda.

He further said government will do everything possible to address challenges the sugar company is facing.

"Industrialization is a global issue and value chain companies must move towards that direction. We have seen the value chain right from cane processing through to sugar production and packaging. We have also seen that the molasses are not disposed off, but they are used to produce ethanol and its byproduct is used for carbon dioxide production,” he asserted.

Illovo Sugar-Dwangwa Estate General Manager Lal Bachan cited unstable market demands, proliferation of smuggled sugar into the country, adverse weather conditions, and pests and diseases as some of the challenges they face in the industry.

He however thanked government for its commitment to addressing the problem of sugar being smuggled into the country.

"We are also facing immerse challenges on deforestation and land encroachment by the surrounding communities, and some of these actually steal our cane.

“Whilst we are trying to resolve these issues with the communities through round table discussions, we do not seem to be making headway. We therefore request you to help us through your local government structures to have these matters solved.

“Despite these challenges, we are striving to be a world class organization but on our own we may not achieve the desired goals hence, we appeal for government’s assistance,” said Bachan.

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