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Lucius, Atupele set to wrestle for UDF presidency at August Indaba

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The United Democratic Front (UDF) plans to its elective convention from August 1 to 2, 2018 at Comesa Hall in Blantyre.

Muluzi: to face Lucius Banda Muluzi: to face Lucius Banda

Chairperson for the convention committee, Charles Chikuwo, who is also UDF second vice-president, told a local newpaper that the committee is working on the number of dignitaries and budget for the convention.

He said 10 positions are up for grabs: party president and three vices, secretary general and vice, organising secretary and vice, treasurer and deputy.

The indaba committee chairperson said the number of dignitaries to attend the conference is likely to be reduced as compared to the previous convention in 2013, which drew over 2,000 delegates.

“The previous convention drew over 2,000 people, the numbers are likely to be reduced. So, when we are done with the number of people who will attend, we will be able to know how much we will need,” he said.

Meanwhile, popular musician and Balaka North Member of Parliament, Lucius Banda, has come out in the public, challenging Atupele Muluzi for the position of president.

Banda has since confirmed that he is ready to contest for the presidency.

“I already started groundwork. In fact, I thought the convention would be held this month but, nonetheless, August is not that bad. I understand the party has to mobilise resources for the conference. So, this will also give me ample time to prepare,” Banda said.

Muluzi yesterday also confirmed that he would contest for the party’s presidency.


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