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Seventh Day Adventist Church takes health expo to Parliament

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The Department of Health and Personal Ministries of the Seventh Day Adventist Church conducted a two day Health Expo as a way of sensitizing Members of Parliament and staffs on making choices in life concerning their health life style at Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

Peter Kumpalume testing  health diseses Peter Kumpalume testing health diseses

Speaking during the expo under the theme “Your well-being our concern”, on Wednesday, General Surgeon at Adventist Health Center, Dr. Greg Saunders, said it was important that Members of Parliament and Staff are made aware of the risk factors they may have regarding life style related diseases.

He said: “This is an opportunity for them to make changes and make modifications to their life style in terms of what they eat, how they exercise, how they sleep and different aspects of their health life.

“We have also been talking to some of the MPs and some have been coming through to have a diagnosis of their blood pressure, sugar levels, obesity, temperature and weight.”

According to Dr. Saunders health related diseases are increasing in Africa for this reason health knowledge and motivation are important as they help improve the development of the country.

Member of Parliament for Blantyre West, Peter Kumpalume said the expo has opened their eyes to various aspects of human well-being.

“Our health depends on a number of aspects which include doing exercises, eating good food, being at peace and others. So a health score is important because it tells you the kind of areas you need to improve on,” explained Kumpalume.

Pempho Kamwendo, Personal Ministries leader at Lilongwe SDA Central Church said the event was organized as part of their strategy this year to reach out to the communities not only health wise but also spiritually.

He said: “We believe that Members of Parliament also need our gospel, these are key people making laws of the country, and they are also people who interact with different communities across the country.

“If we reach out to them, we hope that whatever message they get from us can easily trickle down to their constituencies.”

Activities that were carried out at the expo included personal questionnaire and test on health risk factors, consultation with medical experts and nutritionists and consultation on spiritual enrichment and free gifts.

Meanwhile 195 people including MPs were diagnosed and a total of 390 books on various topics were distributed.


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