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“Use prayer as a weapon of peace” – Madame Mutharika

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Her Excellency the First Lady Professor Gertrude Mutharika has urged women in the country to use prayer as a tool for bringing peace and coexistence among people from all walks of life.

The First Lady leads the women in singing a song during the  service The First Lady leads the women in singing a song during the service

Speaking at HHI Multi-purpose Hall in Blantyre during a function organized by Blantyre City Women Presbytery, Madame Mutharika said when women come together and pray for the nation, they form a strong force and God answers those prayers.

The First Lady said time has come where women should stop looking down on each other and create an environment where they can come together and pray for their families and the country as a whole.

“My fellow women, I believe in prayer and I know that once we come together and unite in prayer, God above listens and hears our prayers. Let us pray for each other and our families,” said the First Lady.

Professor Gertrude Mutharika then urged the women not to entertain the spirit of jealous among them as this is one of the vices that lead to unproductiveness and backbiting among women.

“We all come from different backgrounds but as we meet in such gatherings, we become one therefore let us behave and do things together as children of one family,” urged the First Lady.

Reverend Masauko Mbolembole, Synod Moderator for CCAP Blantyre, while preaching from the book of Acts 9 vs. 36 to 42 which was earlier on read by the First Lady, said women can be respected by their actions especially in the communities where they come from.

“We are learning from the story of Dorcas. How many of you can stand here and say that people are happy with our actions and words in the locations where we are coming from? It is important to live in harmony with everyone if we are to live behind a good legacy,” preached Mbolembole.

Reverend Alex Maulana who is the General Secretary for the CCAP Blantyre Synod said women remain at the center of building the nation and therefore such gatherings accord them the opportunity of coming together and uniting in prayer.

“As a church, we need to pray for a common goal. We need a purpose in doing things and this time around, we need to lift our hands in prayer and ask God to intervene and save us from the challenges that we are facing as a church as well as a country,” explained Maulana.

The Blantyre City Presbytery Women annual conference takes place every two years and this year, the conference is taking place under a theme derived from Isaiah 62 vs 1.

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