EAM calls for multiparty democracy ‘Silver Jubilee’

Written by  Emmie Banda, MEC Stringer

After 25 years of multiparty democracy Evangelical Association of Malawi - EAM says Malawi needs to celebrate its silver Jubilee after 21st May tripartite polls.

Church leaders during the meeting Church leaders during the meeting

EAM advocacy Coordinator Matchona Phiri said this in Mchinji during a sensitization meeting with church leaders as the country prepares for the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Phiri said through its project of encouraging citizen participation and enhancing policy engagement between rights holders and duty bearers which they are implementing in the district they also thought of meeting church leaders to discuss their roles in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

"Our duty is to preserve the will which is right and just according to the scripture and we also appreciate the values of democracy but when churches want to say something especially advising on issues of politics they are said that they are losing track yet its aim is to advise and direct the politicians a way to go," said Phiri.

He said Malawi as a country should be happy that it has clocked 25 years in multiparty democracy whilst enjoying peace.

"Remember that we have managed to change four governments with four presidents peacefully, survived the death of a sitting president which is not easy, and also having a female head of state in the 25 years, but nothing is being said or done about this, we have to know that this is an achievement, but while we are to celebrate this we also have to see if we have done what we were supposed to do in the 25 years of multiparty democracy," said Phiri.

He added that the killing of people with albinism is not supposed to be happening in a country which has clocked 25 years of multiparty democracy.

"Let us look on things which we are not supposed to be doing in these 25 years of democracy, and see what we are supposed to be doing, stop the killing of people with albinism, let political parties practice issue based campaign and avoid using youths in negative ways and make sure that we have peaceful credible and fair elections come 21st May, “added Phiri.

He further said Malawi should ask itself why as a country she has failed to recognize and celebrate the 25 years of multiparty democracy.

EAM met with Village Development Committee VDC, Area Development Committee ADC and aspirants to give them an opportunity to hear the kind of development they want from their duty bearers and at the end of the meeting the two sides signed social contracts forms.

Phiri therefore urged all the participants to share the knowledge with their subjects so that they can take part in the forthcoming elections.

During the meeting the districts elections clerk Matola Kazembe oriented the church leaders among others the duties of election monitors.

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