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Dad in for selling own Albino Son.

Written by  Sam Phiri

Police in Mzimba have arrested two men on charges of conspiring to sell an albino.

Misa chair-Thom Khanje. Misa chair-Thom Khanje.

The development comes amid panic among Malawians that the persecutions of people living with albinism have resurfaced.

The two are 30-year-old Lusungu Sele who conspired with 38-year-old Christopher Kumwenda to sell him his step son on August 1 this year.


Mzimba Police Spokesperson Gabriel Chiona told MBC that Sele approached Kumwenda and told him that he wanted to buy his step son wh

o is an albino at a price of K20 Million.


He said the two agreed but things went sour after Kumwenda revealed the deal to his wife who refused to sell her son and she then reported the matter to Police.

According to Chiona the two went in hiding after learning that the matter has been reported to police, a situation which led to the manhunt until Tuesday 29th September 2015 when they were apprehended.


Chiona added that the two suspects have been charged of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to section 404 of the penal code which attracts a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment with hard labor and they will appear in court soon.


Christopher Kumwenda hails from Jamu Kumwenda village in the area of T/A Mzikubola while Lusungu Sele hails from Mkoko village in the area of T/A Chindi both in Mzimba districts.


The attacks on people with albinism have worsened in recent years in the country. In December last year, according to the United Nations, nine people have been killed.


The attacks are promoted by witch doctors and others who use albino body parts as ingredients in rituals, concoctions with a belief for prosperity and riches to the user.

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