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Lulu turns 30: Birthday present set for release on May 7

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One of the country’s most gifted musicians, Lulu, is turning 30 on May 7 this year and has announced that the day will start with the release of a single- that will also make it into his forth coming sixth album.

Lulu: Turning 30 Lulu: Turning 30

"In short, the song encourages broken hearts that there is love after broken relationships," explained Lulu, born Lawrence Khwisa.

The artist says, he will include the birth day gift release in his 6th album slated for release at the end of this year or sooner.

However, Lulu said, for easy access, he will ensure to make the single available on as he has previously done with some of his previous hits. In addition, the guitar wizard said the single will also be available on Lulu and Mathumela band Facebook page.

About his forth coming album, the vocals and instrument maestro said fans and all music lovers should expect great music that reflects a fully fledged, a rather matured Lulu.

He has therefore communicated that he has organised a countrywide tour where he will showcase the antics of matured Lulu and that of his Mathumela band.

"Come to the shows to experience the all time hits from Mathumela house," said Lulu and continued: "This will be a special time for great original live music on stage and I won't leave anyone of you disappointed."

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