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Biriwiri resurfaces with ‘Kabichi’

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Biriwiri, local Hip-hop duo of Zizwa and Kabuzi, has resurfaced with a music video ‘Kabichi’, a single taken out of its to be released album ‘Green’.

Biriwiri: Back with 'Kabichi' Biriwiri: Back with 'Kabichi'

The song is first video to come out of the album project set to be officially out in June this year.

 It follows two other singles the Hip-Hop duo released between 2015 and 2016, ‘Mulendo’ and ‘Ogode’, both tracks off GREEN album.

‘Kabichi’ video has been produced by Sukez of HD Plus Creation Limited. Audio was produced at Nde'feyo Studios by Bucci and Gaffar with the guitar done by Shami while mixing was done by Pro Pee and it was mastered by Desert Eagle.

The song is a blend of acoustic and modern Rhumba rhythms set to signal the reemergence of the duo. The song highlights a conduct of a houseboy who uses his boss’s status to date girls. It will surely capture listeners’ attention not only with the chosen title and memorizable hook, but also with how the duo creatively arranged the lyrics.  

“The song unveils some of good stuffs we have in store for our fans. It is part of the album coming out this June. We made sure we retained our style and signature in this song while blending in modern elements, and hopefully people will love it,” says Zizwa, born Ken Limwame.

The audio version is expected to be out in a week’s time and will be available for both download and streaming through local websites.

Biriwiri is a Malawian Afro Hip-Hop duo made up of childhood friends Kabuzi (Khumbo Munthali) and Zizwa (Ken Limwame). Biriwiri started in mid 2000’s when Kabuzi and Zizwa reconnected at Chancellor College, University of Malawi.


Signed to independent Malawian label, Nde’feyo Entertainment, the duo has two albums to its credit ‘Chipata Chopapatiza’ released in 2006 and contained hit songs like Daily Daily and Mudzionetsetsa; and Umayitha released in 2009 featuring popular songs  Pompo Pompo, Umayitha and Iweyo.

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