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Ntchisi reduces stunting by 10 percent

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Ntchisi district continues to register a reduction in malnutrition, thanks to various interventions aimed at reducing stunting by providing essential nutrition and health care to children during the first one thousand days.

A child undergoing a health check for stunting A child undergoing a health check for stunting

World Vision Malawi which is implementing a Prevention of Stunting Project in the district with funding from the World Food Programme disclosed that in the past three years of the project’s implementation, the district has registered a 10-percent reduction in stunting among children and improved health and hygiene among the communities.

Speaking at an open day aimed to raising awareness on stunting and malnutrition in Traditional Authority Chikho, World Vision Malawi Programs Team Leader for Kalira Area in the district, Joseph Chikoko said the project has gained momentum due to the communities’ greater participation.

“This project has a tremendous progress in the promotion of health and nutrition initiatives due to the community’s ownership of the project. The number of children with malnutrition has reduced considerably. We are working with the locals so that when we leave this place, they should be able to continue with the interventions that we have implemented.

Traditional Authority Chikho said he is working with his subordinates to maintain the status qou by encouraging community participation in addressing stunting and malnutrition and exercises his power to enforce acceptable and better health practices.

The project promotes nutritious food intake and provides a ready-to-use product called Nutri-Butter to all registered children aged 6 to 23 months in the district to supplement their diet.

World Vision partnered with a number of organizations and government to provide and encourage health messages for pregnant women and children.

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