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Police shoot dead notorious criminal

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Police in Limbe have shot a notorious robber popularly known as Richard Gaza. According to Police Gaza stole a cell phone from a passerby near Standard Bank and fled away towards Limbe Escom offices.

Limbe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Pedzesayi Zembeneko Limbe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Pedzesayi Zembeneko


Limbe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Pedzesayi Zembeneko told MBC that police officers on patrol were informed about the incident.


“They pursued him to arrest and recover the stolen items. While on the run, Gaza met a plain clothes police officer coming from opposite direction. The police officer was making a phone call and Gaza demanded his as well. The two started to struggle for the cell phone. Upon facing strong resistance, Gaza hacked the officer on the upper left arm and on the back,” explained Zembeneko.


Zembeneko further said, fortunately, the officers on trail fired warning shots to scare him. However, Gaza was hit by stray bullet running away from the crime scene. Both the officer and Gaza were taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for treatment.


“The wounded police officer was treated as an outpatient. Gaza died hours later while receiving treatment. Gaza has been on the wanted list for a series of robbery cases which he committed in Limbe. Gaza's body is laying at QECH mortuary,” he added.


Meanwhile Limbe police have intensified patrols to curb criminal activities. Several officers both in plain clothes and uniformed are working around the clock.


“We are urging the community to stop and report crime,” said Zembeneko.


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