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Malawi Catholic youths inspire others in SA

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The National Executive Council 2016/2017 of the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students – ACTS through the leadership of Lucky Moloi invited National Catholic Movement for Catholic Students of Malawi to the 24th Annual National Conference in South Africa. The conference was attended by almost 80 Catholic youths from the host country, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Machika (2nd from right): We have been encouraged Machika (2nd from right): We have been encouraged

Malawi Catholic Youths were represented at the conference by Vice President for National Movement for Catholic Students (NMCS) Violet Machika and her Southern Region Secretary Isaac Kachali, both are students at Catholic University of Malawi.

South Africa National Chaplain Fr. Nthembeni Dlamin said among others the conference was aimed at ensuring an active participation on issues of constant dynamic change of societies. He further said the conference was aimed at promoting a dialogue towards a healthier society by designing frameworks and curriculum development through forums and networking.

“On behalf of ACTS, I would like to express our gratitude for the presence of our colleagues from Malawi. They brought a challenge to our meeting and gave the inspiration to our students in Southern Africa. Their presentation was very inspiring as well as challenging to become proactive in our life as Catholics and students,” said the Bishop.

The conference which was held from 26th June to 1st July this year under the theme “Faith in Action” also discussed matters relating to Catholic students in higher learning and how faith, action and education developmental strategies can be promoted.


Speaking on behalf National Movement for Catholic Students in Malawi at the conference, Violet Machika said the conference came at the right time hence a lot has been learned from the meeting. She said among others the conference exposed them to new ideas.


“We have been challenged, motivated and encouraged with what our fellow youths are doing. The conference has exposed us to new ideas that we are eager to share with our fellow youths in Malawi,” she said thanking those who provided financial and spiritual support for the trip.

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