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MUM joins MCTU

Written by  Stevie Muliya

Musicians Union of Malawi-MUM has joined Malawi Congress of Trade Union –MCTU as a way of improving the standards of musicians in the country.

MUM President, Chimwemwe Mhango MUM President, Chimwemwe Mhango

MUM’s President Chimwemwe Mhango disclosed this to MBC in an interview. He said some of the challenges that musicians have been facing will now be a thing of the past following their affiliation to MCTU.

“Musicians play a big role when it comes to entertainment and even contributing to the national economy through their works but we noted that their rights have been infringed hence we wanted them to be protected through the joining of MCTU,” he said.


Mhango added that their affiliation to the Union also means that musicians have much power and that their grievances will be seriously looked into.


“There are a lot of messes that have been happening in the industry but we had nowhere to report. For example, we have been facing a lot of abuses especially when hired to perform somewhere by companies or organisations. However we couldn’t go anywhere to complain but with this new development, we have a place to report,” added Mhango.


In her remarks, Deputy Director of MCTU on Education and Organizing, Jessie Ching’oma urged other organizations to emulate what MUM has done for the sake of the welfare of the workers.


“Our interest is on the welfare of people in different organisations and companies. Time has come for their rights to be protected and the way to go is through joining MCTU. Let others also emulated the serious step that MUM has taken by joining MCTU,” Ching’oma said.


Recently, parliament passed a bill which obliged media houses to be playing 80% of local music as a way of improving the living standards of musicians through their loyalties which they get from radio stations.

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