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TNM takes ‘Yanga Internet bundle” to Poly social weekend

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As TNM continues to push boundaries of innovation and affordability of Yanga internet bundles, the integrated mobile and ICT provider has partnered with Polytechnic students for a Social Weekend scheduled from 6 to 8th October, 2017.


At the event, TNM is expected to provide students with information and experience on how they can access affordable and high-quality internet service through the use of Yanga bundles. The company has additionally made a contribution of MK500,000.00 towards the social weekend.

Announcing the contribution, TNM Senior Manager (Public Relations) Akossa Hiwa said Yanga Internet bundle is very useful as it simplifies students’ access to information on the internet required in their academic and social undertakings.

“We want to reach out to students with Yanga Internet Bundles because TNM believes the availability of a wide range of internet bundles is crucial to aligning students’ internet needs with the capacity of their wallets at any given time. Additionally, TNM aims to empower students and other customers through making internet more accessible,” said Hiwa.

Hiwa said the social weekend will provide a platform for students to appreciate Yanga Internet Bundles and interact with TNM staff on different tailor-made products and services.

“TNM’s core data proposition is that connectivity helps enrich our customer’s lives and helps them achieve their goals. In the present digital era, every student needs the internet to enrich their academic knowledge and network with peers,” she said.

Students Union of Polytechnic have referred to TNM’s gesture as a rare treat and have committed to ensure that students enjoy TNM Yanga Bundles during the social weekend.


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