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Maturity and content in music matters, DJ Love tells urban artists

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Many young people in the country these days call themselves artists and producers. Majority of these artists have had their music going no further than social media platforms, such as WhatsApp-without even enjoying the airplay in any media house in the country.

There is potential - DJ Love There is potential - DJ Love

MBC Radio 2 FM DJ Love, real name Kingsley Mtila, says despite positive steps in the urban music industry, there is still more room for improvement.


“Urban music is currently taking a positive route; it is different to music we use to listen to some years ago. However, there are some areas that need improvement for such music to enjoy airplay. It is not just about a song but quality,” says DJ Love.


The DJ has however appealed to urban artists to be open to criticism, mainly from professional producers or DJs for them to release music of high quality.


“What I can say to upcoming urban artists is patience and pace, they have to be well organized from the word go. They should always get people to listen to their songs before they take it to the public, let the people critic it, they should also accept criticisms,” he adds pointing out that there are people who can give artists real view of their songs.


DJ Love further states that for him to play a song on radio a lot of things are taken on board, which include maturity and content.


“Apart from those that are meant for dancing, we need songs that are based on real life issues; songs that many people should be able to easily relate to; and those that are well produced,” narrates DJ Love adding that a good song markets itself to the listener.

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