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Jomaco’s “Kulira kwa oyimba” music video out

Written by  Emmanuel Chitambuli

While many people are still in the New Year celebration mood, the release of a new music video, Kulira Kwa Oyimba, literary translated as The Cry of the Musician, by the reggae and dance artist, popularly known as Jomaco, is likely to prolong the celebration mood of reggae fanatics in the country.

Jomaco Jomaco

Kulira kwa oyimba is a video that talks about challenges musicians face in music industry in Malawi.

Commenting on his new release, Jomaco, whose real name is Joshua Kumwenda, said: “This video is all about the struggles most of Malawian artists go through in their day to day living, the main issue being the fact that most of them do not really benefit from their artistic work.”

In his video, Jomaco also touches on the need to respect and honor artists who are tackling various issues affecting many Malawians.

He adds: “We are living in a world that artists are not committed to respect one another by engaging in unnecessary verbal war. It is high time we resolved our differences and be united as artists, so we fight for the common goal, which includes making our music real.”

The artist told MBC Online that Kulira Kwa Oyimba is a song to be part of his second album called “something is wrong” which is likely to come out in February this year.

Mzuzu based Eminent Media shot the video within Katoto and Kaning’ina communities which Jomaco described as the locations that added soup to his music career.

He said: “I feel the video is unique in nature starting from the area of focus which is normally given a blind eye. I decided to shoot it at the said locations for the love I have for the hoods that I grew up in and great friends and family who have always rendered support to me and my career.”

The audio has been produced by Zephy Oldies at Green Jams Records.

His words to his fans are: “My fanatics should be ready to buy my original CD when the album is out and they should know that I put their best interest at heart every time I am making music.”

Joshua Kumwenda started taking music seriously from the year 2008 having been inspired by the music he loved to listen during his primary school days.

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