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Media Fraternity condemns MCP brutality towards the media.

Written by  Our Reporter

Media groupings and analysts continue condemning the brutality of the Malawi Congress Party for recently torturing MBC crew and confiscating their equipment last Sunday during its meeting.

MCP youths petitioning for the removal of Gustav Kaliwo MCP youths petitioning for the removal of Gustav Kaliwo

Among other things, the meeting was scheduled to fire its vice president Richard Msowoya, the Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo and Treasurer General Tony Kandiero and other senior members of the MCP.

MBC crew was getting aerial visuals of the City Center for its programming but MCP youth thought this was an attempted exercise to spy on the ongoing meeting that the party president and senior officials were holding.

Various media grouping’s in the country including the Media Institute for Southern Africa MISA Malawi, have strongly condemned the malpractice by saying MCP has depicted that it does not value tenets of democracy and press freedom, contrary to what the party has been preaching.

Nyika Media Club’s General Secretary, Themba Mwale said as a media group that is affiliated to MISA, they hold te same views that what the Malawi Congress Party did flouts the constitutional provisions for the media in the country.

Mzuzu Press Club has also condemned MCP’s actions.

“Malawi’s constitution guarantees freedom of the press. Several other laws have also been enacted such as the Access to Information which was recently passed by parliament but the country’s oldest party flouted the constitutional rights of the press, by confiscating MBC equipment and manhandling its crew. We totally condemn the act by MCP,” said Jali.

And Chiyembekezo Maganga one of the lecturers in the Department of Journalism at the Polytechnic said this: “The media fraternity and the country at large is concerned with what MCP has done in insulting provisions in the country’s laws by threatening journalists. Journalists are supposed to work in a free and conducive environment without fear. The party says it is changed; but what is this?” questioned Maganga.

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