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DPP has delivered more than MCP –Veteran Green Luliro Mwamondwe

Written by  Our Reporter

Veteran Politician, who is also former Member of Parliament for Karonga North West, Green Luliro Mwamondwe, says Malawi failed to set a good foundation for development during the 31 year rule of the Malawi Congress Party, MCP.

Veteran Politician Green Luliro Mwamondwe Veteran Politician Green Luliro Mwamondwe

Speaking in an interview with MBC, Mwamondwe sited poor consideration in the energy, infrastructure and other sectors, which he said could have been given at most attention then.

"By now we would not have been complaining of energy, water challenges, infrastructure, you name it. MCP did not invest much in these sectors at first. Yet they were in government for 31 years", said Mwamondwe.

Mwamondwe then went on to say that comparing what MCP did in 31 years and what DPP has done in 8 years, DPP has a trans-formative agenda that has seen long lasting solutions, say in the energy sector, infrastructure and the economy.

"Since DPP came into power, first with Professor Bingu wa Mutharika as president, we saw infrastructure development the country has never seen; interventions to end power challenges and many other developments.

"Now Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, 3 years in power, we have seen him coming up with long lasting solution to energy challenges. Infrastructure wise, roads are being constructed everywhere, attraction of foreign investors and the economy has tremendously improved; Growth Domestic Product GDP is now at 6.1 percent. Import Forex Cover now up to 6 months, then it was just a month, or not more than 3 months", said Mwamondwe.

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