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Meet Nya-Uyu President of Vilekeke

Written by  Limbani Chuma Ngwata

She is the President of Republic of Vilekeke and in her cabinet she only has two ministers, all other ministries are in her office. We don’t know why, maybe it is part of cost cutting measures but to some this is greedy of this president from Vilekeke republic (Vilekeke means it must stop).

Nya-Uyu the comedian Nya-Uyu the comedian

“My Ministers are Deborah M’bale and Richard Masina,” she announces.


She is just 23 years of age and holds Bachelors’ Degree in Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Business Administration to her name.


Vilekeke President Nya-Uyu makes her nation cry, laugh because of her sense of humor. Real name Felistus Tibalenge Ngwira is entertainer, actress and comedian. Nya-Uyu started her comedy journey way back while in secondary.


Her composition is much in Tumbuka language where she teaches and depicts real life scenarios. She makes people laugh to the extent of tears.


Speaking to MBC Online, Vilekeke President says people came to know her in 2015 when she recorded two audios that went viral on whatsapp about kiss and soya pieces.


“I have been acting and I have shared stage with the likes of Thlupego Chisiza, I was in Lions Theatre. By then people used to know me as T-Star.


In 2017, I was bored and I thought of recording something and this time I came up with a video about aunties,” narrates Nya-Uyu.


“I took Nya-Uyu name from Mwai Kumwenda’s post about my video. I can say she is the one behind this name, and I like using it,” she recalls while jokingly telling this reporter to ask Kumwenda on how she came up with the unique name for her.


Nya Uyu who hails from Rumphi in the Northern Region is the first born in the family of three. She says her relatives also always make jokes. Nya-Uyu’s role model is Basket Mouth from Nigerian.


“Apart from comedy, I am also a youth activist and an entrepreneur, I have a school called Bast Kids Academy,” she says.


President of Vilekeke however appeals to her followers to continue supporting her as she is coming up with fireworks.


Some of the clips done by President of Vilekeke are; the in-law, public toilet, humble prayer to those in positions, Nya-Uyu goes to town and the revenge.

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