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Kanyerere Cultural Dancing Troupe born in Mzuzu

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

A New Cultural Dancing Troupe called KANYERERE, which is aimed at reviving some of the country’s cultural dances, is born in the City of Mzuzu. Chairlady for the cultural troupe Catherine Kayange told MBC that any country is known by its culture hence the establishment of the group.



“We saw that most of our traditional dances are dying and for those in the urban areas like Mzuzu do not watch these dances, that's why we introduced this cultural Troupe. This will help to preserve our culture since any country is known by its culture,” said Kayange.


“This will help to pass cultural dances from one generation to another even if we die,” added Catherine Kayange.


Kayange said her fifteen man group is performing different cultural dances like Mwinoghe, Malipenga, Ngwaya, Vimbuza and other traditional dances.


The Chairlady said her group is ready to perform anywhere in the country to entertain the public and remind them about traditional dances which are slowly dying.


Founder and Director of the Troupe Victor Ghambi said their goal is to master all traditional dances in Malawi but lack of funding is the limiting factor.


“If the Corporate world can assist us with some funding we want to be the best cultural grouping in Malawi and eventually in Africa,” said Ghambi.


If well nurtured, the Kanyerere Cultural Dancing Troupe is likely to add value in the tourism sector as tourists like to watch some cultural activities including traditional dances as they visit some historical places in the country.

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