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Musicians courted into LCC independence celebrations

Written by  MANA

Musicians have been engaged to bring colour and joy on July 5, 2018 when Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has organized Independence Day celebrations marking 54 years of self governance since 1964.

Mwambiwa: City residents will have a  great time Mwambiwa: City residents will have a great time

Chairperson of the organizing committee for the Lilongwe City Independence Day celebrations Stallichi Mwambiwa who is also Acting Director of Administration said the event would be one of the best events ever conducted in the Capital City.

“I can confirm that Tay-Grin and Skeffa Chimoto and other more supporting artists will heavily entertain the residents on the day. It will be a state of the art celebration event because it will not be a usual way of doing things.

“We observed from last year’s December 31 celebrations that city dwellers lack entertainment to relax themselves,” Mwambiwa observed.

He said besides having the artists performing on the day, different religions will conduct prayers at the function in order to ask for God’s blessings as Malawi is a religious nation.

“We will have physics and acrobatics to further deepen the happiness on the day. I must mention that all traditional dances like Beni, Likwata, Ngoma, Gulewamkulu, Honala, Tchopa, Malipenga and many other traditional activities that Malawi as a nation are known for,” Mwambiwa added.

The Chairperson said LCC is in agreement with Castro-Malawi to provide assorted drinks at a giveaway price just to make sure that everyone available at the venue feels home and goes back with satisfactions.

“We will have plenty of food to meet people’s choice at very reasonable prices, this is a deliberate effort to keep citizens with filled stomaches with very quality food stuffs,” he said.

He said Mzimba Street which runs from Amina roundabout to Cross-roads roundabout will be closed from 8 am to midnight in an effort to prevent any disturbances.

“Main roads directly involved with the movements of participants in the city will have heavy traffic patrols to prevent accidents from taking place on the day. We want to reach July 6 with a bang,” the Chairperson said.

Mwambiwa said the deployment schedule of security would be to the maximum to allow residents celebrate without interruptions.

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