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Zathu wins HIV prevention award in Nertherlands

Written by  Mirriam kaliza

Zathu - Girl Effect’s youth brand in the country has been decorated with a demand creation challenge award at the 2018 AIDS conference in Amsterdam.

The band has been recognized The band has been recognized

Established by options consortium, the awards showcase best-in-class innovative, high-impact communication-based approaches to HIV prevention.


According to a press realease by Zathu, a panel of judges made up of representatives from USAID, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others named Zathu ‘Best Breakthrough Creative’ category.


Combining media, creativity and gender expertise, Girl Effect’s newest youth brand, Zathu, was launched in 2017 to help tackle the structural and negative social drivers that reinforce gender inequality in Malawi.


Created in collaboration with PEPFAR DREAMS, Zathu’s mission is to unite boys and girls and, in turn, reduce HIV diagnosis among adolescent girls and young women.


The statement further explains that as well as releasing music, Zathu’s message is delivered through a mix of media channels including a twice weekly 30-minute radio drama and a talk show featuring real-life stories and advice from the ‘Gogo’ who provides practical advice for young people including, for example, the importance of platonic friendships, promoting youth self expression and other advice for adolescents.


The band also performs live at schools, youth clubs, and in public spaces.


“In their first year, Zathu performed at 25 roadshows across Malawi and already has more than 2.6 million regular consumers,” reads part of the statement.


Season 3 of Zathu Pa Wailesi is currently airing and gaining an even wider audience as the characters in the band traverse various challenges including GBV, bullying and HIV.

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