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More trading hours at Lunzu

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Economic activities are set to improve at Lunzu Trading Centre thanks to the street lights that have been installed.

Cecelia Chazama, MP, speaking after commissioning the street lights Cecelia Chazama, MP, speaking after commissioning the street lights

Member of Parliament for the area who is also Minister of Home Affairs Cecilia Chazama says the lights will permit traders to do business even after sunset. Chazama further said the street lights will enhance safety and security of traders, residents of the town as well as motorists.

“These street lights will make a difference here. Traders and produce sellers they all converge at Lunzu. Being a central business point life never stops at Lunzu as some bring the produce late at night but some criminal activities used to happen in the dark such as robbery. But now that will be history as we have street lights so they have unlimited hours of doing business,” said Chazama.

Taking his turn district Commissioner for Blantyre, Bennett Nkasala, said the lights will enhance economic activities in the area.


The newly commissioned street lights at Lunzu

“The idea for installing the lights was to enhance security and economic activities. Prior to this development a lot of accidents were happening here but we hope that such incidences will be reduced and criminal activities will be controlled too. As the businesses here will be having more trading hours, the council will also be generating more revenue,” said Nkasala.

Nkasala added that plans are in the pipeline to extend the street lights which are covering a two kilometer distance.

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