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Chitipa – Karonga Chiefs for 50-50 campaign.

Written by  Madalitso Phiri, MEC Stringer, Chitipa

The Chitipa - Karonga Chiefs Council, a grouping of Traditional Authorities from the two districts, has expressed keen interest to rally behind the 50-50 Campaign, ahead of 2019 general elections.


Speaking on behalf of the other chiefs, T/A Kilipula said women themselves have an inferior mind-set, thus they lack political influence hence need to be supported.

“We are ready to go flat out sensitizing our communities and we will also roll out a media campaign in form of adverts or jingles should companies come out and support us financially, we need to encourage women to challenge male aspirants in the forthcoming tripartite elections,’’ offered Kilipula.

Kilipula was answering a plea from the Catholic Committee for Justice and Peace - CCJP Field Officer for Karonga Diocese Vincent Bwinga on ending violence against women, a project which was launched early last year.

Bwinga said violence against women can also end by voting them into decision making positions of the country.

In his speech Bwinga urged all the T/A’s that were in attendance at this conference to get ready and outline their 50-50 campaign activities.

“We need your support as chiefs for this initiative of equal representation of male and women in high positions to bear fruits, let us encourage them so that they should take the challenge,” Bwinga urged.

The appeal by CCJP and the pledge by T/A Kilipula come against the background that currently the two districts have no incumbent Member of Parliament and Ward councillor who is female.

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