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TNM registers 75 percent customer’s SIM cards

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Meeting the deadline of SIM card registration for all its subscribers, TNM PLC managed to register about 75 percent for its subscribers are in course of achieving a 10o percent compliance in the ongoing regulatory exercise.

The exercise is on-going - Makata (R) briefing the media The exercise is on-going - Makata (R) briefing the media

Speaking during a media briefing in Blantyre, TNM‘s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Daniel Makata said the remaining 25 percent will be registered soon as they have deployed over 2500 agents in all parts of the country to run this exercise.

“TNM is happy that it has managed to register 75 percent since the SIM card registration rolled out following a directive from the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) as provided for in the Communication Act No 34 of 2016. Section 92 which requires that all subscribers of voice telephony services register their SIM cards with their respective service providers,” said Makata.

Makata said all unregistered numbers were deactivated on October 1, 2018 as per the directive from the regulatory body but assured customers that the registration exercise is still in progress.

“TNM decision to bar unregistered subscribers was done to follow the law as directed by the regulator MACRA and in the best interest of Malawi as it enhances security.

“TNM would like to assure all customers whose numbers were barred on October 1, 2018 that they can register the same numbers at TNM shops and TNM SIM registration agents across the country and that their airtime and Mpamba balances will remain intact. All services and balances will be restored to their numbers once they have been registered,” said Makata.

Makata went on to thank all TNM subscribers who registered their SIM cards and urged those who did not to do so and was quick to point out that the registration was at no fee at all.

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