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Tay Grin launches ‘Chipapapa’ fruit drink

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Local hip hop star Tay Grin has launched a fruit juice named after one of his recent songs ‘Chipapapa’.

Tay Grin Showcasing the Chipapapa Drink Tay Grin Showcasing the Chipapapa Drink

The first stock will be in Chipiku Store (Chilambula Road, Lilongwe). The drink will also be distributed countrywide.

“Today people can enjoy the song and sip on a Chipapapa fruit drink. We have taken something that’s authentically Malawian (Chipapapa) and made it into a brand. The idea is to grow a local brand and export it internationally,” said Tay Grin, real name Limbani Kalilani.

Tay Grin says it has taken just over a year to finalize the all the flavours and to get all the necessary approvals to launch the drink. The drink is being manufactured locally to create jobs for people and build businesses and quality brands that can go international.

“I believe in preserving and promoting our culture. We need to be innovative in using our culture to create products that will help promote and develop Malawi. ‘Chipapapa’ is a big song taken from our childhood days now we have just added a new dimension by introducing a fruit drink. This is what separates it from the other drinks, this is a drink formed from the fabric of our culture, our childhood and we can proudly create a formidable brand by supporting it together as a nation. This product is by us for us. Malawians will make it a success,” he says.

The fruit juice is being sold at K270 per bottle of 257ml while a case of 20 bottles is being sold at K5,400. The flavours that have been launched are apple and mix-berry.

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