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Hustle Over Feelings

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“HOF is more than a song, HOF is the new movement now,” a Nigerian rapper sums up his latest offing with a 12-word sentence illustrating the heights it has reached since its release.


Fecko Tha Emcee’s new street anthem titled Hustle Over Feelings (also known as HOF) is not only a song with a deep message but a spark that has fired up a whole movement.


Produced by usual suspect and trusted beat-maker Teck-Zilla, HOF sees the orthodox rhymester get out of his comfort zone while addressing a contentious topic.


“Basically it’s talking about you putting emotions to one side and your grind to the forefront,” said the rapper in a recent interview on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Radio 2fm’s Afro Urban show.



“HOF is for those that’re broken-hearted, those people who feel rejected, those people who are all about their grind and the message basically is for you to forget about every kind of feelings.


“You know, feelings could be envy, a crush on someone who’s rejecting you, it could be jealousy or anything really but just focus basically on the business that pays you.”


The positive message borne out of the debatable subject has seen Hustle Over Feelings create a real buzz on both the airwaves and on the streets of Naija.


“It’s been getting love on the radio and on the street. It’s a slogan that has really turned into a household phrase and people are beginning to identify with the movement. It’s like therapy.”



The versifier’s switch from the conventional old school boom bap rap to using a new school trap style on wax turned out to be a pleasant surprise for Fecko’s fans.


“Yes, some people were surprised when I released the song because it’s totally different from what I’m known for,” he admitted.


“It’s a trap instrumental produced by Teck-Zilla and my flow plus delivery were different. I just wanted to surprise my fans.


“It sounds pretty new-school compared to the old-school material I’ve been dropping in the past. I just wanted to evolve.”



The lyricist disclosed that the new single has birthed a HOF movement and with it created a potential business opening.


“HOF is going to be big. There’s going to be a clothing line as well so you know we’re just starting and hopefully it’ll become a very big movement,” revealed the artist.

Hustle Over Feelings is well interpreted through its new drama-oriented viral video which has an interesting story line whose message is: emotions to one side and grinding to the forefront.

“I recently shot a video for HOF, it was directed by Mister Xi and shot by Nathan Adeboyega, a pretty young dude but someone who knows his stuff,” he said.



“I might also do a Pan-African remix with other rappers across Africa because I’m still about that Pan-African movement and creative music, so just keep tabs with the HOF movement.”


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