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Anticipating Macelba’s new conceptual release

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When a rising Lilongwe-based rapper drops his new single in a little over a week, the jury will be out on whether he can follow up the story of late last year with another hit anthem.


After grabbing local hip hop headlines at the end of 2014 with his infectious hit single Wina Ndi Wina, Macelba is set to release another conceptual song aptly titled Mwala.


Ndadutsa mu zokhoma, moyo wanga ndi mwala
Ndinamva kuwawa heavy, ndinaponyedwa ndi mwala
Ankati zonse ndimachitazi sizili mwala
Akuti ‘Celba suuli maganga, suuli mwala
Ndikahopela nkazi, ankandiponya mwala
Mwalo mongovomela, ankandiyankha mwala
Mtima wanga kuwawa ngati ndaponyedwa ndi mwala
Ndekuti mwina mfundo zanga sizinali mwala?
Akuti ndine sober man saangandihale, mwala
Sinanga siine stoner nde sindingakhale mwala
Ulendo woyenda koma munseu mwadzadza mwala
Imela bwanji mbeu, tikayifetsa pa mwala
Uja wokanidwa ndi amisili uja ndine Mwala
lero nasanduka Mwala wa pa ngodya ndine mwala



Speaking in a recent interview with MBC Online, the Capital City lyricist said his latest track will offer his fans a new concept while having the same thematic feel of his previous hit single.


“They should expect something different, the song is called Mwala, basically taken from the concept in the bible of the rejected stone turned cornerstone,” he revealed.


“So it’s just basically that, talking about people who’ve been rejected in life and turned out to be more important people, so that’s the concept expected in this song coming out at the end of this month.”



Macelba admitted Wina Ndi Wina’s success would be a tough act to follow but said he was confident Mwala would create an even louder buzz.


“Not a similar buzz, but a different one, setting the standards again,” proclaimed the artist.


“I’ve heard a couple of songs with the same trend since Wina (Ndi Wina) came out, so it’s a challenge to those copy cats to say let’s see if you can match-up to this one. It’s going to be different.”


Mwala will be the rapper’s third single after Wina Ndi Wina released on 27 August 2014 (music video on 8 July 2015) and Alamu Anu ft. Malaulo which came out earlier this year on 27 February.


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