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The UMP Festival scheduled for November 6 at BAT Ground in Blantyre has scooped South African based artist Gemini Major to perform at the much anticipated event.


Akulu ena azemberela mwana wawo omupeza

Mwamuna wina kwa agulupu a Mtumbwe mdela la mfumu yaikulu Kachenga mboma la Balaka akuyenda mogwetsa nkhope yake pansi chifukwa cha manyazi atamutulukila kuti amazembelela mwana wake wamkazi omupeza kuti azichita naye zadama.


Minister of Information and Communications Technology Hon. Malison Ndau has commended the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation-MBC for sustaining high levels of dedication despite numerous challenges faced by the Corporation.


After a successful poetry show at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Q Malewezi is starting off his ‘People Tour’ at M theatre, Chichiri mall in Blantyre on 29th July.

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