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One of the country’s afro-musician, Dan Lu says he has not lost touch in as far as his music is concerned but rather, wants to spread rebuking messages to those that want to jeopardize his career through illegal CD burning.


A New Cultural Dancing Troupe called KANYERERE, which is aimed at reviving some of the country’s cultural dances, is born in the City of Mzuzu. Chairlady for the cultural troupe Catherine Kayange told MBC that any country is known by its culture hence the establishment of the group.


She is the President of Republic of Vilekeke and in her cabinet she only has two ministers, all other ministries are in her office. We don’t know why, maybe it is part of cost cutting measures but to some this is greedy of this president from Vilekeke republic (Vilekeke means it must stop).


All is set for the National Literary Awards, slated for this Saturday at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre.

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