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With today’s technology, music has become part of life experiences: people listen to it on their drive to work, when they go to parties, when they exercise, and in so many other settings. In Malawi like any other part of the world musicians hope that their words inspire change.


Malawi’s celebrated and award winning artists, Lawi and Patience Namadingo have joined forces in order to take Malawian music to greater heights.


Musicians Union of Malawi has underscored the need for Musicians in the country to compose songs that can promote cultural values of the nation.


While many people are still in the New Year celebration mood, the release of a new music video, Kulira Kwa Oyimba, literary translated as The Cry of the Musician, by the reggae and dance artist, popularly known as Jomaco, is likely to prolong the celebration mood of reggae fanatics in the country.

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