DRC postpones voter registration in two provinces

Written by  BBC

The Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC says it has indefinitely postponed voter registration in two provinces of its troubled Central Kasi region after the brutal killing of an electoral official On 3rd April.


According to BBC, Philippe Iyidimbe of the Independent National Electoral Commission-CENE was decapitated by militias of Chief Kamwina Nsapu in Ndekesha, in central DRC.


Iyidimbe had travelled to the Kasai capital, Tshikapa, to train technical staff. BBC reports say following Iyidimbe’s killing and the destruction of electoral materials and offices, voter registration in Kasai-central and in Kasai, which should have started on 30th April has been delayed indefinitely due to insecurity sparked by Nsapu’s rebellion commission.


Meanwhile, the UN has accused the Nsapu rebels of using child soldiers and committing several atrocities, while also denouncing the disproportionate use of force by the military.

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