Pres. Mutharika attends Mozambique Independence Day

Written by  Gladys Nthenda

State President Professor Peter Mutharika on Thursday attended Mozambique’s 40th Anniversary Independence Day celebrations.

'Relations between the two countries important' ' 'Relations between the two countries important' '

Speaking before departure to the coastal nation in the southeastern part of Africa, Professor Mutharika underscored the need for the two nations to have good relations.


“Relations between Mozambique and Malawi are extremely important and we would like to cement them and strengthen them” Mutharika observed.

Mutharika said he failed to attend the President Filippe Nyusi’s inauguration due to the floods which hit 15 districts in Malawi hence felt obliged to attend Mozambique’s national celebrations.


Professor Mutharika explained that he personally know most of the freedom fighters when he was in Tanzania during the struggle for independence.


Mozambique celebrates her independence from Portugal every year on June 25 marked by parades and processions in the capital Maputo. The country’s President and Prime Minister preside over the parade, usually consisting of military regiments.

The day is also used by the government to propagate its various reforms. Various special events to help society are also organized by the international organizations that are involved in the country.


Mozambique lies on the Indian Ocean coast and is bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


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