China invents taxi drone

Written by  MacDonald Chwayula
China has taken the world by surprise by inventing a taxi drone. This innovation comes into play as more environmental lobby groups are calling for a cleaner world with less pollution from vehicles and other automobiles.
This scientific breakthrough reminds cinema enthusiasts of Robert Zemeckis’s 1985 adventurous film Back to the Future which depicted that in near future we will no longer need roads to connect places and the Chinese have just added an icing on the cake with the invention of Taxi Drone.
According to Hu Huanzih the brains behind the innovation who is also Chief Executive Officer for Ehang the company manufacturing the taxi drones said the product seeks to reduce pollution and accidents that automobiles are characterized with.
“I think that two years from now there will be a lot of taxi drones up in the air. The beauty with taxi drones is that it uses clean energy, less congestion, and it’s smart in the sense that being a computerized product it has the precision that beats human accuracy hence less accidents,” said Huanzhi as quoted on France 24.
The innovation has attracted international attention with people coming all the way from Netherlands and other countries to do test drives. Huanzi said once you get into the taxi drone, you don’t need to touch anything. It is controlled from a remote center and it is programmed to take passengers to their destination. Another feature is that it is sensitive to its surrounding and is made to dodge all tall structures on its way like trees, poles or buildings. In extremely bad weather it is enabled to make a u-turn and land at its takeoff point.
At a price of two hundred thousand Euros (K177 million) the innovation is already selling like hot cakes with orders exceeding 300 already sent to the company. 

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