More than 30 people killed in Kenya after dam overflow

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Effects of climate change continue rocking the African continent with the recent victim being Kenya where a burst dam in Nakulu has left 30 people dead.

Kenya floods Kenya floods Aljazeera

Environmentalists attribute the recent upheavals to warm ocean temperatures that have led to prolonged rainy season in East Africa leaving more than 130 people dead. 


Aljazeera reported that Kenya’s woes have just become worse as a dam in Nakuru burst on Wednesday evening sweeping away homes in the densely populated area downstream. Dozens remain unaccounted and 500

families have been affected. Western Kenya has been particularly badly hit by landslides and floods during this season of the "long rains".


Much discussion has been, and will be, about the inadequacy of resilient infrastructure and building in vulnerable areas, nevertheless, the rains have been intense than expected.

In the case of Kenya and its neighbours in East Africa, the temperature of the Indian Ocean is the major factor.


Over the last few years, the warmth of the surface layer of this ocean has increased more than that of any other. This is almost certainly due to climate change and its effect on the flow of ocean currents.

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