Mulanje Mission Hospital in Diabetes awareness drive

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On Wednesday, Mulanje Mission Hospital joined the international community in commemorating the World Diabetes Day, with a call for Malawians to embrace the culture of medical check-ups.


World Diabetes Day falls on 14th November and was set by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to raise awareness of the non-communicable disease.

Non-communicable disease coordinator for Mulanje Mission Hospital Felix Tembo said as long as Malawians continue to ignore regular medical check-ups, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma will continue to claim many lives.

“Early detection makes it much easier to treat non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes. But the challenge remains that many Malawians continue to live in the dark as far as their own healthy status is concerned, as a result they come to hospital while the disease has advanced. Time has come for people to make it a culture of having regular checks,” said Tembo.

The commemoration included a big walk from Chitakale Trading Centre to Mulanje Mission and traditional dances.

Senior Chief Chikumbu was the guest of honor at the function and in her remarks, she concurred with Tembo on the need for people to have regular tests.

“Not only for diabetes, but all diseases. And I extend this call to all my subjects. We can’t be talking of development if people are not healthy,” said the traditional leader, who also seized the moment to get herself tested for the diabetes.

Meanwhile, Malawi has missed out on the Merck Diabetes Award 2017, if the announcement from the Merck Foundation on Wednesday was anything to go by.

Merck Foundation launched ‘Merck Diabetes Award’ in 2016 in more than 30 African and Asian universities in partnership with health ministries. The aim is to build a platform of diabetes experts across the globe.

Winners of the Merck Diabetes Award 2017 were announced this year. The award attracted over 500 concept submission applications from universities in Africa and Asia. The winners from each university have been provided with an opportunity to study for a one-year online Post Graduate Diabetes Diploma from the South Wales University, United Kingdom.

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