New Suez Canal to open 6th August

Written by  Harnet Msukwa

Ambassador of Egypt in Malawi Maher -el adawy has disclosed that Egypt government will open the new suez canal expansion on 6th august 2015 at Ismailia - Egypt. According to the recent press release from Egyptian Embassy, His Excellency the president.


Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of the Republic of Malawi has expressed his sincerely congratulations for the success of Egypt in implementing the Suez canal expansion as significance milestone and a symbol of national pride boosting Egypt's economy and Development of the African continent.

Ambassador, maher has stressed that , Egypt has succeeded in implementing the huge mega project in less than a year , not in five years as Many experts have predicted. Egypt financed the cost of this project US$9Billion from domestic sources without borrowing from any foreign financial institutions.


The New Suez canal will double shipping capacity, reduce waiting times for ships and also reduce co2 emissions.


Ambassador maher-el adawy also pin pointed that the expected increase in trade from the Suez canal expansion will spur development in supporting industries such as freight handling, Transportation and logistics as well as encouraging many parts of the world to increase shipping.


Egypt's first suez canal connects the man made canal between Red sea and mediterrean sea from the south to the north in the city of Suez.

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