FAM spends K18m on CAF A Licence course

Written by  Patrick Lunda

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has spent K18 million towards the cost of conducting a Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) A Licence which was held at Chiwembe Technical Development Centre in Blantyre.

Participants pose with instructor Participants pose with instructor

FAM General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda disclosed this during the closing of a month CAF A Licence coaching course attended by 27 participants.

Nyirenda also said the association had spent a total of K40 million to take through the coaches from preparatory to the CAF A coaching Licence, the highest qualification so far in Malawi and most African countries.

He said this should spur the coaches to work hard and take their work seriously.

“Today is a great day in terms of coaching in Malawi because we have produced people who can have a Grade A CAF coaching Licence,” Nyirenda said.

“Let me say that this hasn’t been easy because FAM has spent K40 million and this course alone has cost K18 million.”

He appealed to the participants to put into practice what they have learnt.

“It is important to show that you know. Go out and show,” he said.

“You are the people who have to show that Malawi has the right caliber of coaches.”

He also appealed to the coaches to scout for more players rather than just waiting to coach top league teams.

Senior CAF coaching instructor John Kaputa also emphasised the need for the coaches to concentrate on grassroots football.

“We have FMB Youth League and Women’s Football League. You should go there to intervene on voluntary basis,” Kaputa said.

“What is important is not a certificate but what you have to produce after the course.”

Senior CAF Instructor Urban De Cock from South Africa said the course was important because it leads to the highest qualification in Africa.

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