My father was my hero, Zasher

Written by  David Kapezi

Mafco FC midfielder Zasher Mnong’oneza has opened up for the first time about the recent death of his father.

Mnong'oneza with bandages leg Mnong'oneza with bandages leg

The influential player had been out of action nursing Nong’oneza Snr at home before the latter finally succumbed to illness and passed on two weeks ago.

The winger has since returned to training and looking forward to getting back into first-team action after the painful ordeal.

“Actually right now I am quite alright. Unfortunately I haven’t been playing because I was nursing my father who passed away some two weeks ago,” Mnong’oneza said.

“But now I am back in the squad, am once again training and the team has welcomed me back well. Definitely this week people will see me back in action on the field of play.
The midfielder then opened up on his father’s demise by looking back at how much influence Nong’oneza Snr had in developing his initial interest and eventual talent for the game of football.

“My father was my hero. He was a person who motivated me in education as well as football,” he said.

“He gave me much support and with this loss I am partially broken but I know that with my grandfather still being around then am still in good hands and his influence will remain with us.”

The diminutuve player has had an emotional life a couple of years having endured a frustrating 2014 which saw his season cut short after sustaining an injury while on national team duty.

The setback even prompted him to consider hanging up his boots for good - he once took to social network Facebook to air his frustrations.

However with a disappointing 2014 and a recent death of his father seemingly drifting away with the water, Nong’oneza’s football career looks set for a kick-start.

He could yet feature for Mafco on Thursday and Saturday as the Salima-based soldiers defend their 100 percent top-flight record away to Blue Eagles and at home to Be Forward Wanderers respectively.

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