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Red Lions fined K3.6m; players suspended

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Sulom has imposed a heavy punishment on Red Lions after they were found guilty of the acts of hooliganism which ensued during the game against Sustream FC at Kamuzu Stadium on Sunday in the TNM Super League.



Sulom fined the soldiers a total of K3.6 million for the offences while Lot Chawinga and Dickson Mbetewa Jr were slapped with a 12 months ban for Super League games.


Boniface Kaulesi, William Chiumya, Mathews Simbeye, George Haule, Thomas Makaombwa and Sunganani Msiska have also been banned from playing football under the auspice of SULOM for six months effective from the date of this letter for assaulting the referee Boniface Chapinga.

Team Doctor Gibson Langwe has also been banned from the touchline and dressing room.


Langwe and the eight  players have been fined K350,000 each while the team got K450,000 fine.

In the verdict signed by Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda stated that the penalties took into account that Red Lions were remorseful and apologised for the action of their players.


“After considering the gravy of the matter and the response from Red Lions, the Disciplinary Committee has decided as follows:

“Red Lions is fined a total sum of K450,000 for failing to control the actions of its players, officials and supporters who assaulted the officiating personnel and the general public as stipulated in Article 21.3 Rules and Regulations of the TNM Super League. The club is given a serious warning for any improper conduct. If in the next two years it is involved in any misconduct of the same nature it risk being banned indefinitely,” reads the verdict in part.

The fines are expected to be paid before its next fixture which is on 17 May 2015 and failure shall lead to forfeiture of points until the sums are paid or guarantees and sureties are deposited with SULOM.


All other sanctions are with immediate effect.


SULOM also cautioned clubs, officials, players and spectators to have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game by ensuring that the laws of the game are adhered to respect the match official’s decisions, promote fair play.


Any aggrieved party is free to appeal in accordance with existing rules and regulations of SULOM within 48 hours from the date of this letter.


In defence Red Lions said only two Chawinga and Mbetewa Jr out of the eight were involved in assaulting the referee.


But the SULOM said that the two players were on the forefront assaulting the referee.

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