TNM takes Smart e-WIMAX golf to Zomba

Written by  Patrick Lunda

TNM will on Saturday take its Smart Data product, E-Wimax to golfers at Gymkhana Club where a field of 84 players will tee-off on the greens overlooking the Zomba massif.

Rex Kathewera (left) and Chief  Commercial Manager Daniel Makata Rex Kathewera (left) and Chief Commercial Manager Daniel Makata


Head of Region for Southern Region Francis Mwamadi said that TNM returns to Gymkhana club for the first time this year.

This follows the successful TNM Malawi Open tournament held at Lilongwe Golf Club in April where TNM embarked on a phase to promote its wide range of Smart Data products.


He said Smart Data e-WIMAX is one of the high-speed internet data products that TNM offers under the TNM Business Services unit which the company acquired from Burco Electronic Services.


“Saturday’s tournament gives us an opportunity to showcase our high-speed internet capabilities. TNM now offers Malawians affordable alternative access presented by our combined platform as mobile phone data provider and Internet Services Provider (ISP) rolled into one,” he said.


On the Smart eWIMAX capabilities, Mwamadi said the product offers quality and value for money through wide choice of WIMAX data packages.

“With it, our generation of smart consumers have the liberty to choose from this wide variety of TNM Smart e-WiMAX data packages according to their lifestyle. e-WiMAX has wireless access coverage of up to about 15 km from the base stations, without line of sight,” he said.


The Region Head said e-WIMAX offers high internet speeds and it is able to achieve download speeds of up to 5 Megabits per second for fixed residential service and up to four Mbps for mobile users.


Mwamadi said TNM is proud to promote e-WIMAX on the golf platform as the sport attracts a wide base of tech-savvy and upwardly mobile data consumers.


“Many of our existing and potential customers are golf enthusiasts and Saturday’s tournament is an opportunity for both sides---smart data and golf— to interact,” he said.


Currently TNM offers two different types of Smart e-WiMAX packages, Kwathu for indoor users and Panja services for outdoor surfers.
TNM returns to Gymkhana Club after hosting a similar tournament last November.

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