Mera maintains fuel pump prices

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Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) has maintained fuel pump prices despite changes in the landed cost of the product qualifying for an increase.


In a statement issued on Wednesday, Mera said the changes in the landed cost were beyond the plus or minus five percent trigger limit.

Said Mera in a statement: “The Mera board also noted the stagnating oil prices on the world market and resolved to maintain the pump prices for all the three products [petrol, diesel, and paraffin] while observing the free on board price movements and applying the Price Stabilisation Fund to cover the increased landed costs of the three petroleum products.”

This means that petrol, diesel and paraffin prices will remain at K888.00, K890.90 and K719.30 per litre, respectively.

On July 17 2018, Mera raised fuel pump prices by an average of seven percent, the first time ever since November 2016.

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