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Airtel invades Kasasa golf club

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Golfers from other golf clubs across the country failed to scoop position one both in men and women categories as golfers from Kasasa Golf Club in Dwangwa won in the Airtel Open Golf Tournament which was played at their golf course on Saturday.


Standard Bank Cup semifinals fixture completed

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Bullets FC completed the Standard Bank Knockout Cup semi-final fixture after conquering Moyale Barracks on Sunday at Civo Stadium in the battle of Lilongwe with a decisive 1-0 triumph.



Bullets executive committee has settled for the team's goalkeeping coach Swadick Sanudi and lower league team Green Hawks' goalkeeper Stain Kalande as replacements for injured Vincent Gona and owen Chaima.


Malawi's top woman ref to undergo CAF Elite training

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Malawi's top women's Fifa assistant referee Berdettar Kwimbira Mzika will undergo a CAF elite referees course to take place in Cameroon early next month.

Kwimbira Mzika will leave on Wednesday next week for the weeklon course slated for October 2-8 in Cameroon capital, Yaunde.


Football Association of Malawi General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda said this would offer her a chance to polish her skills.


"It's important because the course is for those who are doing well, elite referees, to make sure that they are sharpened, don't relax and continue doing well, Nyirenda said.


Kwimbira said her impressive performance during the Africa Women's Football Championship in Namibia and World Women's Football Cup in Canada has made her to be picked for the course.


"You may recall that I have just come back from the World Cup in Canada and last year I was in Namibia for the CAF Women's Football Championship. My performances in these two tournaments have contributed to my selection for CAF Elite Course," Kwimbira Mzika said.

Her selection will reposition the former athlete and Malawi Defence Force soldier to take it for the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil and Africa Women's Football Championship in Cameroon.


"There's more to come because next year there's Olympic Games in Brazil and then the African Women's Championship to be held in Cameroon and also another elite course by Fifa so this course will be like in preparations for these events," she said.


She also appealed to up-and-coming women's referees to work hard for them trace her footsteps.


"It means a lot because its a morale booster I just hope that my fellow Malawian referees should get inspired to work hard so next they should do it when I retire," she said.


"I will be happy to see a Malawian continuing where I have left."


Kwimbuira made history as not only the first Malawian but also first African to officiate in the final of the Women's World Cup in Canada.

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