Unstable relationships, fragile marriages pose threats to Child health’s development

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Raised For a Purpose Ministries hosting conferences addressing Marriages and Relationship challenges

With diverse challenges impending on the child development, there is a need for a multi-dimensional approach in dealing with the vice and create a conducive zone for child development.

Senior Pastor Aubrey: Raised for a Purpose Ministries founder Senior Pastor Aubrey: Raised for a Purpose Ministries founder

Raised for a Purpose Ministries founder and Senior Pastor Aubrey in an interview said various government sectors, Non-governmental organizations and the donor community continue to inject both financial and technical support in efforts aiming at addressing challenges that affect child development, “and as a Ministry that ministers to man in his totality, that is spirit, soul and body, we also have a critical role to play”.

“Every child is a product of a relationship between a man and woman and these two make a family. With a good family foundation, we can create a conducive environment for the child. And the opposite is also true.”

Divorce has been shown to diminish a child's future competence in all areas of life, including family relationships, education, emotional well-being, and future earning power. Children are at increased risk of adverse outcomes following family breakdown

Pastor Aubrey said “As a ministry, we call for meetings, seminars, conferences to remind people that marriage is God’s idea.”

“God’s original idea of marriage has been corrupted into something very far from what God intended. This explains the many divorces and breakups today and beyond that the many that are simply suffering because they can’t leave.”

He said, “the truth of the matter is that God is very concerned about marital relationships because he is in fact the author of them. Just like a designer of any product would best know how to get the most of it, it is God who know just how every person can live an enjoyable and successful marriage experience.”

“God bearing us witness, we have seen hundreds of couples being helped and it has not been any different with the singles. The Lord’s grace to teach in this area has produced results in the lives of many….I always say relationships ought to be enjoyed and not endured and that is what each participant will experience after attending this conference.”

This Sunday 27th May, 2018 and next Sunday 3rd May, 2017, Raised For a Purpose Ministries is hosting Marriage, Courtship and Singlehood Conferences in Blantyre at the Tent of His Love and Glory in Blantyre, right next to Robins Park.

One of the organizers, Lusubiro Msukwa pointed out that the conferences started in Lilongwe some weeks ago.

Msukwa said the target is not only the married.

“We would like to help those who are not yet married to on practical wisdom that they can use in order to make the right decisions in this area”, Msukwa said.

“We must understand that healthy families lead to a healthy and prosperous nation. Just as God is interested in building the family unit, the devil is also out to destroy the same because it starts in the families. The families make up the nation. There are revealed principles from the word of God which will be shared to address this.” Msukwa said.

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