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APM speaks tough on abusing elderly people

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Malawi President Professor  Arthur Peter Mutharika has warned people in the country to stop abusing aged people on allegations that they are reponsible for the dry spell in some parts of the country.

Mutharika: Humans have no power over rains Mutharika: Humans have no power over rains

Mutharika said this on Wednesday at Misesa Primary School ground in Blantyre after launching the 186 kilometer Blantyre By-road.

The Malawi leader said no human being has powers to regulate rain and it was therefore: “nonsese to hurt the elderly on something they have no powers over”

“Its only God who brings rain. So let me warn that we must stop  abusing aged people on grounds that they are causing the dry spell," said Mutharika.

Recently there has been reports of attack on the elderly  in Phalombe and Mulanje districts on allegations that they are causing the dry spell.

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