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Malawi clerics pray for peace, unity and love after spate of violent demos

Written by  MBC Online

Malawian clerics on independence day celebrations July 6 prayed for peace, love and unity to prevail in the country after a spate of demonstrations staged by the opposition and backed by rights groups turned ugly and destructive, with scenes never seen before in Malawi’s political history.

President Mutharika and the First Lady at the July 6 prayers for peace, unity and love. President Mutharika and the First Lady at the July 6 prayers for peace, unity and love.

‘We are slowly losing our warm heartedness. The nation is in trouble. Envy has entered our political systems, churches, families and envy has spared no space,” Apostle Madalitso Mbewe, the main cleric at independence prayers on July 6, told hundreds of Malawians.


The prayers, held in Blantyre and attended by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the First Lady, Vice President Everton Chimulirenji and other top dignitaries, were themed ‘Celebrating Our Independence with peace, love and Unity.’ Mutharika read a passage from the Bible.


Mbewe, leader of the Calvary Church in Malawi, said envy has “destroyed our nation and divided us into tribalism and regionalism. Envy has taken root.”


He said because of envy, the church was divided as it no longer talks about peace, unity and love.


With envy, he said, there was “no peace and happiness.” He said the chief barrier to happiness was envy. “Envy grips the heart. You can never understand the power of jealousy and envy.”


He said Malawians should turn to God to remove the vice of envy. “God is the God of peace. His son [Jesus] is the Prince of peace. May God give us first peace in our heart,” Mbewe, the main celebrant of the inter-denominational prayers, said.


“Let peace be still,” he said,


Under the theme ‘Celebrating Our Independence with Peace, unity and love’, Mbewe said envy “must end” for Malawi to move forward. “May the Lord give us peace all over Malawi so that we celebrate our freedom with peace, unity and love.”


He said maintaining peace was not the responsibility of one person, but “each one of us be and strive to be peaceful.”


He added:” Let’s hold hands with one another, no matter what region, which church you belong. We are all Malawians and children of the Most High God.”


The theme of peace, love and unity was chorused by other church leaders, including Anglican Bishop Malasa and Sheikh Dinala Chabulika from the Muslim Association of Malawi.


Chabulika hit at the misuse of social media, saying everybody had now become a journalist by sending negative information to each other which can destroy a nation.


He said a tongue can also destroy or build a nation, calling on politicians and media to bring messages of hope to citizens.


“We want a united Malawi. Let’s build this nation. We should pray to Allah to give us peace and unity,” Chabulika said.


“We should make Malawi a peaceful nation without violence,” he added, apparently referring to recent demonstrations staged by the opposition across the country that caused mayhem.


Other notable church leaders at the prayers were Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe of Lutheran Church, Pastor Kuyama , president of SDA church in Malawi, Edward Chitsonga , president of the Assemblies of God in Malawi.

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