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Countries in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region have been urged to re-double their efforts in the recovery of economic gains that the region made but have been lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Chakwera: SADC In-coming Chair Chakwera: SADC In-coming Chair

The in-coming Chairperson of SADC, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera made the call when he addressed SADC leaders in Lilongwe this morning.   

Chakwera said COVID-19 has either stalled or reversed progress made in regional integration agenda, gains that took years to achieve and said there was need to treat the matter with urgency.   

The President then mentioned areas where the region can make quick gains such as fostering an environment for the creation of jobs for young people across the region.   

He also spoke of revitalizing trade across borders, enhance industrial production and also accelerated recovery of key sectors such as tourism.   

At this point the Malawi leader said revival of economies within SADC depends on collective ability of members states to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.    

On Vaccines, Chakwera urged SADC leaders to unite in ending what he called the toxic nationalism that is causing some nations in the world to hold millions of vaccine doses and deny other nations access to the same.   

He added that the region must unite in ending toxic nationalism of some regions of denying other regions such as SADC to produce their own vaccines.  He then called for an end to vaccine discrimination as it is hampering regional integration in SADC.

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