Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has been asked to be the UN-Habitat Champion.
Dr Chakwera (R) asked UN- Habitat Champion Dr Chakwera (R) asked UN- Habitat Champion
The call was made in Kenya by UN Undersecretary.
During the meeting, Maimunah Mohd Sharif commended Malawi for her commitment towards the UN-Habitat Agenda as demonstrated through her consistent annual contributions and adoption of the New Urban Agenda (NUA).   
She, therefore, requested President Chakwera to be the Champion of the UN Habitat Agenda and encourage other countries to commit themselves to  the NUA.
The Malawi leader reiterated  Malawi's commitment to the implementation of NUA through its National Urban Policy which was adopted in 2019.  
Dr Chakwera encouraged the UN-Habitat to reopen its offices in Malawi for ease of coordinating urban and human settlement activities.   
The Malawi leader also met the leadership of Malawians living in Kenya. The team led by Powel Maimba expressed gratitude to the President for the timely support given  at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for evacuating stranded Malawians in Kenya.
The team said the gesture signifies Government's commitment towards Malawians living in the diaspora.
They, however, expressed their concerns with regards to the challenges they face in contributing towards Malawi’s development.
In response, the Malawi leader thanked the team for making time to meet him during his State visit and encouraged the group that his administration will ensure that every Malawian is involved in the development of the country including those living in the diaspora. 
During the discussion, Dr Chakwera reaffirmed his commitment to the goals highlighted in Malawi 2063, which were developed as a roadmap to a self-reliant Malawi.

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