APM meets Lilongwe, Kasungu vendors

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President Peter Mutharika on Thursday cautioned vendors in the country to take extra care of the country’s markets for government not to keep on losing money in rehabilitating them.

APM with vendors' leaders APM with vendors' leaders

Mutharika made the call at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe when he hosted vendors from Lilongwe and Kasungu markets.

He said it is ideal that vendors put off all the fire sources before they go to their respective homes if such calamities are to be avoided to.

Said Mutharika; “Let us all take care of our markets by putting off all fires before we go back to our homes so that we avoid incidences of fire gutting our markets.”

According to the Malawi leader, government will always strive to see the vendors excelling in their businesses by providing them with a conducive environment for business and loans for capital.

“My government will strive to provide you with the necessary support that you need for your businesses.

“I have learnt with concern that some vendors do not want to go and do business in designated markets that government constructs. For example in Zomba, vendors do not use the market that government built simply because they say it is not good.

“This is bad and I think it is time that before building a market, government should consult with market leadership to avoid such incidences,” he said.

According to Mutharika government is negotiating with African Development Bank (ADB) to provide Malawi with money to be disbursed as loans to vendors for boosting their businesses.

On his part, chairperson of Lilongwe vendors Mark Namponya asked the President to consider building a state of the art market in Lilongwe.

“Your Excellency, I am failing even to speak here because you seem to know most of our problems because what I thought I will ask you, you have already said it.

As you have already said about good markets, let me ask Your Excellency to consider constructing the state of the art market In Lilongwe as this is the capital city of Malawi,” he said.

Namponya further commended the President for the initiative to consider providing vendors with soft loans for improving their businesses.

Recently, President Mutharika also hosted vendors from Blantyre and Zomba.


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