MCP constituency leaders insist on convention, want explanation on Sidik Mia

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Malawi Congress Party (MCP) constituency leaders from Lilongwe, Dowa and Mzimba districts say they still want the party to hold a convention next month adding that this was a demand by its general membership.


Hisman Banda, Organising Secretary for Lilongwe North West constituency led a team which also comprised of Dowa district Chairlady Kitty Staubi, Lilongwe North-West Chairman Mazoni Lupiya, Lincy Chunga from Mzimba district among others in addressing members of the press on Thursday afternoon in Lilongwe.

Banda said MCP members are surprised as to why the leadership of the party is uncomfortable with the proposal to hold an emergency convention as is being championed by the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo.

He said if the leadership really has love for the party they should allow the spirit of true democracy to prevail by allowing the convention to take place.

“For Honourable Lazarous Chakwela to be where he is now it was people like us from the constituency who got him there. And today it is us the same people who are saying let us hold a convention to take stock of our party and we are still hopeful that he will respect our wishes,” said Banda.

Banda also said calls for a convention are backed by valid reasons looking at how the leadership of the party has derailed from what was agreed during its last convention as evidenced by the undemocratic appointments and dismissals that have been made within the party's hierarchy.

“Some people who we truly trusted and duly appointed are being sidelined for no real reasons. This to us points out to a leadership which is lacking direction and these are some of the things we want to steady up as people who truly love the party,” he said.

He also pointed to the emergency of Sidik Mia who has openly touted himself as the next MCP Vice President, a position which is currently being held by Richard Msowoya, as another source of confusion to the party.

“We need to show respect to people that we elected during our last convention in 2013. For someone to come from nowhere and start making such statements is very unfortunate,” he said.

Echoing his remarks, Constituency Chairlady from Dowa Angellina Chuma said it is unfortunate that Chakwera and Company are dragging retired former party president John Tembo in their dirty maneuverings.

“They have gone to the extent of dragging our former president into their scheming. Tembo is someone we respect and we know he cannot be part of such moves. He has genuine love for the party unlike some of these people,” said Chuma.

There have been on-going wrangles within the MCP leadership for months now bordering on calls by some sections within the party which is pressing for an emergency convention as a way of ironing out the differences that have rocked the party for some time now.

The party’s General Secretary is championing the move to hold the convention and 7th July is the date which was set to hold the convention. But the matter was taken to court by members who are against the move and a restraining order was issued stopping the convention to take place on the said date. The matter is now pending the court’s review.

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