SDA global leader Pastor Wilson to hold 'Big Sabbath' on Feb 8 in LL

Written by  Austin Kakande

The world leader of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Pastor Ted Wilson, visits Malawi from February 7-10, his first visit as leader of the global church to Malawi. MBC Online talked to  Pastor Frackson Kuyama, President of SDA in Malawi, on the visit. Excerpts:

Ted Wilson: SDA Global Leader Ted Wilson: SDA Global Leader

Q: What has prompted Pastor Ted Wilson to visit Malawi?

Kuyama:  Pastor Ted Wilson is our global leader. This is part of his program, he always visit countries, so this time he has decided to come and visit Malawi, as part of his itinerary. In his term, this is his first time to come to Malawi.

Q: Is he visiting Malawi only, or he is on a tour in Africa?


Kuyama:  According to his program, we were told that he will also visit some countries like Mozambique and Angola. So we are one of those few countries, Pastor Wilson is planning to visit.


Q: What is his main agenda?


Kuyama:  He will preach on a Big Sabbath, to be held at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe on 8th February. Apart from visiting members, he will also visit our hospitals and our university. We have a campus, Malawi Adventist University at Malamulo, so he is going to visit Malamulo Hospital and Malamulo College.


Q: What type of SDA Church is he going to find in Malawi, in terms of membership and general development?


Kuyama: As a church here, in terms of membership, we are around 600, 000 baptised members. And we are not including children and those on Bible class. But if we can include those ones, we are almost one million members in this country. So as a church, he is coming to encourage us.


Q: Your last word?


Kuyama: This visitor is not for Seventh Day Adventist members only. He is a visitor to Malawi and all Malawians. We are therefore extending our invitation to all Malawians. Those who are free are welcome to join us on the Big Sabbath we are arranging.

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